Avatar 3D Blu-ray Collectors Edition Australian Release Date

Avatar Blu-ray 3D Collectors Edition Blu-ray


The 3D Blu-ray of James Cameron’s Avatar is finally coming to retail this October in what will be the most highly anticipated 3D Blu-Ray release of all time.

Despite being one of the most highest grossing 3D films of all time, viewers haven’t been able to purchase the film by itself due to an exclusive agreement with Panasonic which saw Panasonic including copies of Avatar in 3D with its 3DTVs and Blu-ray players. This agreement recently ending in February of this year.

James Cameron announced the Avatar Blu-ray 3D Collectors Edition to its 33 million fans on the Avatar Facebook page.

Jon Landau, the Academy Award® winning Producer of Avatar stated “As the number of homes with 3D televisions continues to grow, we thought it was important to bring the biggest 3D film ever right into your living room. This is the only way fans should experience the world of Pandora and this release offers the highest picture quality possible.”

Avatar Blu-ray 3D Collectors Edition will feature the original theatrical release and be available in all-new collectible packaging. No word yet on special features.

Avatar Blu-ray 3D Collectors Edition Blu-ray will be available 24 October 2012 in Australia, 15 October in the UK, and 16 October in North America. Avatar Blu-ray 3D Collectors Edition Blu-ray can be pre-ordered from Amazon.uk now.

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