Exclusive Avatar content from the Extended Collectors Edition Blu-ray available now via BD-Live

Avatar Blu-ray BD-Live Features

Owners of the Avatar Blu-ray standard edition are now able to download exclusive BD-Live material that will be taken from the Extended Edition, which is due out in Australia on 24 November.

20th Century Fox has just announced the new BD-Live functionality for Avatar. The new feature allows fans who have bought the first Avatar Blu-ray to download  or view new content that will feature on the Avatar Collector’s Edition.  This is a reward for consumers who have brought the first Avatar Blu-ray in the exciting countdown to the release of the Ultimate Edition and will give fans a sneak peak of what will be featured on the new Collector’s Edition via BD Live.

If you have Avatar on Blu-ray and have a BD Live enabled player, then you’ll be able to access special features from the upcoming Avatar: Collector’s Edition right now including the Earth-bound clip from the newly re-edited opening of the film, a guide to the deleted scenes and a peak from one of the documentaries.

The full list of the material that’s going to be rolled out between now and when the Collector’s Edition is released is the following:

  • Grandma’s Teylu: Never Before Seen Deleted Scene
  • 2006 Art Reel Excerpt
  • Driving Range: Never Before Seen Deleted Scene
  • Acting in the Volume: Excerpt from documentary
  • Drums of War (full version): Never Before Seen Deleted Scene
  • Scene Deconstruction: Demonstration
  • “What did happen”: Excerpt from the Collector’s Extended Cut

And then, once the Collector’s Edition is out, you’ll be able to use that disc with BD Live to get access to some other things that aren’t on any “packaged” release:

  • Crew Short: The Night Before Avatar
  • Screen test raw footage featuring– Sam Worthington & Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel David Moore, CCH Pounder, Laz Alonso
  • Speaking Na’vi rehearsal
  • Weta Workshop: Walk & Talk Presentation

Avatar Extended Collectors Edition Blu-ray is available in Australia from 24th November and is available for pre-order online from the stores below:

The Avatar Standard Edition Blu-ray is available now and can be purchased from the following retailers online:

Deep Discount
The Hut

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