First details of Avatar Collector’s Edition Blu-ray and US Release Date

Avatar Collectors Edition Blu-ray Cover

The first details of the Avatar Collector’s Edition has surfaced. Fox France has announced that the Collector’s Edition blu-ray will consist of three BDs, with the extended version of James Cameron’s sci-fi epic, and will include “hours of never-before-seen, exclusive bonus content.”

James Cameron has also let further details slip by saying that not only will the upcoming Collector’s Edition Blu-ray include the theatrical extended version, but also a more expanded, “alternate reality version” of the film that is a full 16 minutes longer than the original.

The new footage in the Special Edition includes a scene focusing on the death of one major Na’vi character, and a hunt for one of Pandora’s creatures in a “rousing action-adventure, pulse-pounding kind of scene,” said Cameron.

The release will include 45 minutes of deleted, unfinished footage – and that’s not counting the 16 extra minutes of the Blu-ray extended cut (which will include an opening scene set on Earth).

One of the special features to be included on the Collectors Edition is a documentary titled “A Message from Pandora” produced by James Cameron about the battle to stop the Belo Monte Dam on the Xingu, one of the great tributaries of the Amazon River.

The Avatar Collectors Edition Blu-ray and DVD will be released in the US on November 16th, 2010. No Australian release date has been announced yet but expect it to close to the US release date.

For those that can’t wait for the Collectors Edition to be released, The single blu-ray disc Avatar release is available to purchase on blu-ray now and can be purchased from the following retailers.

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