2 x $2 discount codes for CD WOW!

We have two $2 discount codes for use on CD WOW. They can only be used once so first to redeem them get the codes. The codes must be used before the end of 6th January.

Your voucher code ($2): EBCSG 7GRKB 24GK0 3JV
Your voucher code ($2): 68SNV F7GZQ 24GK0 3JV

Voucher expiry date: 6th January 2010
To use, simply enter this code at checkout
How to redeem

Terms and Conditions for Promotional Vouchers
* This Promotional Voucher is redeemable online at CDWOW! only.
* This Promotional Voucher can only be redeemed at a CDWOW! site that supports the currency stated on the voucher. Eg: a voucher issued in AUD is not redeemable on purchases made in Euros.
* This Promotional Voucher is limited to one use only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other Promotional Voucher or Refund Voucher. Gift Vouchers can be redeemed with this voucher.
* This voucher can not be used during a sale or other promotional period.
* Promotional Vouchers may not be redeemed for the purchase of Gift Vouchers (you cannot purchase a Gift Voucher with another voucher)
* A minimum purchase may be required to redeem this voucher.
* It is the responsibility of the bearer to use the full value within the validity period. Expiry Dates are provided on all CDWOW! Vouchers and unused portions will expire immediately after the stated expiry date. Any unused balance will not be refunded or credited when expired.
* CDWOW! disclaims all responsibility for any lost vouchers though please contact Customer Service should you require further assistance.

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