Get Your Name on the Paranormal Activity Blu-ray

‘Paranormal Activity’ just hit theaters in the US will be released in Australia on 3 December 2009 with a blu-ray release currently not set. However, in preparation for the blu-ray release, Paramount Pictures is thanking the legion of moviegoers who helped to make the $15,000 movie a hit in the US by featuring their names in the credits of the film’s DVD and Blu-ray editions.

To have your name listed in the DVD and Blu-ray credits for ‘Paranormal Activity’, register your name at Paranormal Activity Project before Monday, November 9, 2009 at 12 p.m. PST.

“The success of ‘Paranormal Activity’ would not have been possible without the million-plus fans who went to the official website and demanded the movie in their home town,” says Amy Powell, Senior Vice President, Interactive Marketing, Paramount Pictures. “They demanded the movie and they got it. So now we are giving them credit where credit is due.”

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